Top Reasons to use a Home Watch Service

Do you have a second home that is unoccupied for months at a time? Do you vacation frequently and simply lock your doors relying on a busy neighbor to check on things occasionally? A vacant home is a vulnerable home and a Home Watch Service can offer you the peace of mind that your investment is protected. Regular visits:

  • Help deter burglary and vandalism
  • Assist in addressing any problems with landscapers and/or pool companies
  • Aid in spotting faulty electrical systems and failed appliances
  • Spot water leaks early
  • Address mold issues quickly
  • Deter pest intrusion and infestations
  • Provide additional customized services that may be unique to your home
  • Deliver you weekly updates with consistent and accurate information during your absence

A Home Watch Service can aid in developing a storm plan, answer alarm calls while dealing with local authorities, and act as your liaison between contractors, associations, realtors, and virtually anyone you authorize.

Why wait for a disaster to occur. This is an excellent step to take in protecting one of your greatest assets.